The Elohim Crafts

The Elohim Scout Crafts carry a personal of 3, one being the pilot, the navigator and the other being the commander. These Crafts are capable of Interplanetary and Interstellar travel.

The Crafts use antigravity technology and are powered by the use of crystals as a source of propulsion with Quartz being the main crystal used. There are other names used for the Quartz Crystals but all are one and the same.

The Scout Crafts do not have weaponry as seen in many of your main stream movies but they do have the means to protect themselves from any attack. They also have technology that is used as a protection against any attack.

The Crafts have the means of landing but most of the time the personal is as humans would say are beamed downed and beamed back up. The Crafts are capable of vertical and horizontal flight. The Take off can be vertical or horizontal. The Scout Crafts do use a system of changing light colors as a source of running lights.

We have larger Crafts which are called Carrier Crafts which are called Carriers which look like a school bus which is used to transport personal and supplies from location to another including to from Motherships. The Crafts use antigravity technology and are capable of vertical and horizontal flight.

The last Crafts we use are called Motherships which hold several thousand people at any given time which house gardens, scientists, repair stations for Crafts, quarters for sleeping and changing cloths. There are also rooms for holding classes.